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Family Counseling 

in Orlando

JS Krause Consulting of Orlando offers m

Families thrive within a system composed of individuals working together as a functional unit. When one person experiences hardship, then all members of the family feel the impact of that hardship in one form or another. What stresses one, stresses all. Sometimes, difficulties arise from the ways in which family members communicate and interact with each other. This can create personal tension among family members which reverberate into their individual lives outside of the family. Or sometimes, it is a lack of effective communication which is the source of familial discord.


Through family counseling, I can help individuals resolve their conflicts within the dynamic of the family as a whole. Understanding who we are and where we fit into the family system is an important way of resolving family strife. At JS Krause Consulting of Orlando, I can help the family learn how to function more effectively through assertive communication and active listening. The family is a masterful source for love and support in a sometimes unforgiving world. Learning how to have peace in the home will be an integral part of thriving, not only as a family unit but also as individuals.

Family counseling can also be a supplement to individual counseling. By helping to increase communication and support within the family unit, each individual member benefits. Let me help your family explore more effective ways to lift each other up.

JS Krause Consulting of Orlando offers mental health counseling for individuals, teens, families, and spiritual counseling
"We may not be able to fix the whole
world, but we can strive to fix
what may be amiss in our own familes."
Neal A Maxwell
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